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·         All curries taste best when had in medium flavours as that gives best Flavours of whole spices that are core ingredients of the curry.

·         Goat Curry, Rogan Josh, Kadhai, Achaari, Vindloo curries ideally taste best when prepared as a medium flavour. Flavour is so much that they go best with non stuffed Naans/ onion Naans.

·         Butter Chicken, Mango Chicken, Korma, Mughlai, Malai, Saag curries taste good in mild flavour. Try with Cheese Naans.

·         When reheating a leftover Naan, using a toaster gives better result than using a microwave oven. Be careful to switch off the toaster before removing the Naan from Toaster.

·         Cheese Naans ideally taste better with mild curries. Try our Onion Naan with Hotter curries.

·         Naans are not necessarily made in Plain flour, talk to our staff for wholemeal options.

Gluten Free Bread is made out of Maize Flour and tastes amazing with Saag Options.

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