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New to Indian Food?? Read these tips



1. All curries taste best when had in medium flavours as that gives best Flavours of whole spices that are core ingredients of the curry. We do four kind of options when it comes to the heat in the curries.

Mild - Generally good for ordering Butter chicken, Korma, creamy curries and Daal Lentils etc.
Aus medium - Invented for an Australian who is fresh to Indian curries
Indian Medium - Invented for an Seasoned Players of trying Indian curries
Hot - Hot at eden garden indian cuisine is HOT. No exceptions taken!!

2. We have a wide vegan Menu offering about 11 Vegan curries. We cook all Naan breads in clay oven and we cook about 8 variety of Vegan naans.

3. Goat Curry, Rogan Josh, Kadhai, Bhuna, Vindloo curries ideally taste best when prepared as a Indian medium flavour. Flavour is so much that they go best with non stuffed Naans/ onion Naans.

4. Try the mild curries with a cheese and chilli naan to enjoy some kick in the food.

5. When reheating a leftover Naan, using a toaster gives better result than using a microwave oven. Be careful to switch off the toaster before removing the Naan from Toaster.

6. Naans are not necessarily made in Plain flour, talk to our staff for wholemeal options.

7. Gluten Free Bread is made out of Maize Flour and tastes amazing with Saag Options.

8.We also cater to dairy free, gluten free and other allergies on request.

Alternatvely call us to help you out.

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