About us

 In India, since the time a child opens the eyes in this blissful beautiful world he watches his mother or grandmother cooking in the kitchen. He is then nourished with the variant flavors of dishes cooked with the loving hands of Mother, with affection in her mind. We (NEETU and VIKAS) also remember and cherish those moments watching our Mother and some times helping her in grinding some spices and pastes for chutneys and curries. How excited we used to be in assisting her in cleaning the wheat grains in water, drying and then getting it grinded to flour. With this flour she would make tongue tempting PRANTHAS (Breads).

Entering into the teens, when we stepped out of the house, we practised our cooking skills. We would do it sometimes out of the necessity and sometimes being inspired by the appreciation of our dishes by our dear and near ones. We started enjoying cooking and the encouragement from friends started pouring in. After marriage our tastes for cooking were found similar and we rather enjoyed cooking and managing our social gatherings of about 70-100 people on our own. This concept of cooking with "Healthy intention" in mind inspired us to enter into restaurant business and here we are with this Family Restaurant venture to realize our long cherished dream through "EDEN GARDEN INDIAN CUISINE". The place for tasty, Authentic, Punjabi Lunch and Dinner in South Brisbane.